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Imperator Mar'Gok Heroic!

by Leanhi, 761 days ago

After two weeks of wiping on Imperator, we finally managed to get him down! We can now officialy say that Pink Spear Tribe is 7/7 HC ! 

We are now facing a new challange called Blackrock Foundary, i wish all of our lovely raiders good luck!

Congratz to the lootrecievers and to the people who got an achievement. 

Thank you all for the amazing evening <3

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Twins, Bracken and Ko'ragh!!

by Leanhi, 779 days ago

Our progress is skyrocking this week!

We managed to bring down Twins HC (Oneshot), Bracken HC (Oneshot) and Ko'ragh HC (A few more tries than the other bosses) tonight! Congratulations to all participants and well done!

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More progression!

by Leanhi, 780 days ago

Hey to you all! Just wanted to make a quick news-thread about our progression. 

We managed to down both Butcher and Tectus on Heroic tonight, also cleared normal real quick 7/7. Well done guys! 

Maw finally got his beloved axe, congrats to him and all other lootrecievers. (So many upgrades tonight!).Tomorrow we will continue our heroic progression, good luck to all!

(Managed to get a quick SS after our Tectus-kill)

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